Sunday, February 25, 2007

Man, They're Good!

Since the sane people are starting to push back on the insane global warming hysteria, the moonbats have to change and alter their tactics like the good little insurgents they are.

What to do when the grown ups start to use facts against you? Simple-- play the "children will suffer" card! Get it? "George Bush and Halliburton are not satisfied murdering all those Iraqi children, now they're going to kill kids worldwide with their global warming policies!"

This is classic liberal propaganda at its very best... I, for one, applaud their sense of theatrics.

"Study" Shows That Global Warming Will Cause More Fevers In Children

What's that you say? I made this up?? Oh, no, Pilgrim... I could not make up something this good!

In fact, here's an even better one-- Yes, I said even better!!

Global Warming Worries Keep Children Up At Night

Man, that must be some tasty kool-aid!

Pardon me if I question the "science" and motives of people who use tactics like these in their cause. All joking aside, this is beyond the pale.



Blogger HECIII said...

"" Dr Lam said the results, collated from The Children's Hospital at Westmead admissions, back up beliefs that children are less able to regulate their bodies against climate change than adults.""

Dr. Lam,
you are stupid with the caps lock on.

i wish they would fix this "GLOBAL WARMING";

it was snowing like crazy here in southern Oregon yesterday.
if they don't fix it,
we'll freeze to death!

27/2/07 04:23  

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