Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Flogging Is Too Good For Her

This one is from the "special place in hell" file.

Mom Coaches Kids To Fake Retardation

See what happens when the government programs become so lucrative and inviting? This is just another case of welfare fraud... which wouldn't exist if we had a reasonable welfare system.

Anyway, she is a monster... plain and simple.



Blogger warhorse said...

I dunno ... I agree that what she did was wrong, and I hope the system steps on her good and hard for it. And there's *got* to be better ways to design and run the programs. But any time you offer charity, there will be those who try to take unfair advantage of it, that's just human nature. Who knows, maybe that's why charitable donations are tax deductible? ... :-/

28/2/07 14:42  

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