Saturday, April 07, 2007

Do Not Mock The Goracle!

I wonder if they had the offenders killed that night, or just did it in their homes the next day...?

[[ His presentation was halted at least twice as opponents to his agenda began to shout out. They called him a liar and a villain, and screamed, "What about your swimming pools?" in regards to recent allegations that the monthly electricity bill of Gore's estate rivalled a year's bill for the average American home.

This led Gore to joke, "I don't even know if you guys are left- or right-wing".

Huh? That was a joke...? Wow, his humor must be as deep as his intellect... way too much for a low-brow like me.

gore Challenged During Speech

They don't take kindly to such actions against their deity.

You MUST read this next one... it shows the famous tolerance and compassion of those on the left.

gore Fans Abuse And Threaten Those Who Disagree With Them


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