Friday, April 20, 2007

The Wonderful And Magical "Gun-Free Zones"

For the next part of our discussion of guns, we'll start with a picture:

Lovely, isn't it? Bold and commanding! Enough to get the attention of anyone who would even think of bringing a gun into the area, right?

Here's another one, this time a bit more ambitious:

Wow! No guns OR Drugs allowed there! Now THAT'S taking action against crime! If I were a gun-totin' drug dealer, I'd definitely think twice before crossing that line!

Still, the above two examples are rather harsh, don't you think? Perhaps something a bit more... human? Something that appeals to the criminal's sense of decency and fair-play...

That was nice, wasn't it? "I will not hurt you, please don't hurt me." I love it! Exactly half of that is true and will happen.

Now, here is what all these signs should say, since it is the reality of the situation.

Finally, here is something that is definitely truth in advertising:

Have a gun-a-licious day!


Blogger warhorse said...

hmmm ... for some reason, the pictures aren't showing up for me ... :-(

21/4/07 06:37  

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