Friday, May 04, 2007

Huh? Progress In Iraq?

But harry reid said the war was lost...

[[ Ramadi, Iraq - Amid fields of wheat and barley, dozens of armed men emerged along a dirt road leading to the fiefdom of the Bu-Fahed tribe in Hamdhiyah, an idyllic corner of restive Anbar Province, just north of Ramadi. "Welcome to our proud sheikhs. Down with terror," read banners on the road.

Dozens of sheikhs and tribal elders in flowing gold-trimmed camel-hair cloaks, many clutching colorful worry beads, streamed into a conference hall. Each was frisked by tribesmen to guard against suicide bombs.

The meeting looked to be a typical gathering, but its true purpose was for top sheikhs to issue an ultimatum: quit supporting Al Qaeda and turn in relatives belonging to the group.

Like dominoes, tribes reeling from a campaign of killing and intimidation by Al Qaeda have been joining, one by one, the US-led fight against Al Qaeda in Iraq in this Sunni Arab province. Last month, US Gen. David Petraeus told Congress that violence was down significantly here and that the tribes were key to the transformation.

Sunni muslim Sheikhs Join US In Fighting Al Qaeda

I'm confused... isn't this really good news? Shouldn't we be seeing this all over the "mainstream" media??

Here's another piece of VERY good news:

U.S. Now Stopping Flow Of Foreign Terrorist Fighters Into Iraq

Certainly that is newsworthy... right? Hello... CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN...???


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