Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rotten To The Core

This is a new low. Despicable does not begin to cover it.

john edwards-- the "Silky Pony" himself-- is an insensitive, disgusting, egomaniacal jerk-off.

But enough about his good qualities... his latest stunt is too much, even for a deranged moonbat. He is trying to politicize Memorial Day.

He... oh, just read this.

American Legion Responds To Moronic, Anti-American john edwards

Ask our fallen heroes how they feel about this filthy rich, pretty-boy lawyer who never came near a uniform and his tactic of turning their sacrifice into his own political message.

Oh, wait... you can't ask them because they DIED FOR US! Memorial Day is their day... not john edwards' or anyone else's.

What a POS.


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