Monday, July 09, 2007

aclu: Still The #2 Enemy Of The State

In this time of global jihad, it's easy to forget another great threat to our freedom. They've been kind of quiet lately, but here they are with one of their signature moves:

aclu Sues City Over Jesus Painting


Now, if you haven't been watching Fox News' new comedy show, "The Half-Hour News Hour," you are really missing out. Here are some of their "commercials" for the aclu. They'd be much funnier if the things they are parodying were not true...

aclu Commercial 1

aclu Commercial 2

aclu Commercial 3

aclu Commercial 4

aclu Commercial 5

Here are a few other sites that speak to the truth about the aclu.

Communist Beginning For aclu

Uncomfortable Truths

Finally, from our friends at Stop The ACLU:

American Communist Lawyer’s Union

They are truly despicable. Let's keep their threat in our minds and not give them any quarter.



Blogger HECIII said...

"The Half-Hour News Hour"

I have been watching that,
it's very funny.

9/7/07 10:55  

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