Friday, July 13, 2007

What Now For Iraq?

As the anti-American forces in Congress prepare for another full-court-press against our military, the President seems to be ready to stand up to them again. The question is, how much of this can our war effort take? Answer: not much more.

It is not just my never-humble opinion that the dumocrats have seriously degraded our war effort. It is painfully obvious that they have given the greatest wartime intangible to our enemy: hope. As Ralph Peters says in his latest column:

[[ EVEN as our troops make serious progress against al-Qaeda-in-Iraq and other extremists, Congress - including Republican members - is sending the terrorists a message: "Don't lose heart, we'll save you!" ]]

Here's the column. The Quit Iraq Caucus

As stated above, the "surge" has yielded much progress... but the media and Congressional dumocrats will not succumb to that truth. Instead, they will continue to undermine our President-- and subsequently our military-- in every way possible.

Here is Rich Lowry with a good take on the truth of the current situation:

[[ The surge has succeeded in reducing sectarian killings in Baghdad and civilian casualties overall, but at the cost of increased U.S. casualties and without the Iraqi legislative accomplishments that were established as "political benchmarks." Those benchmarks shouldn't be fetishized. The reason that they were considered so important is that they were thought necessary to entice Sunnis away from the insurgency. Instead, the Sunnis have swung our way anyway, in reaction to al Qaeda brutality and to our strength. ]]

The rest of his column: The Fantasy Of Retreat

All in all, a fair, unbiased, and factually supported statement on this mess would be "it is clear that our military could win this war in fairly short order if only the media and Congress would stop abetting the enemy."


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