Saturday, August 20, 2005

Give This Woman Three Minutes

I just listened again to Debbie in Indianapolis, a caller into the Rush Limbaugh show last week.

This woman is a M.O.M. (Mother Of Marine), and should be receiving at least as much media attention as is the officially insane Cindy Sheehan.

Here is the link to listen to her call... just click on the blue "Listen to Rush Conduct Broadcast Excellence" button at the top of the transcript... everyone should take the time... it is OUTSTANDING!




Anonymous tj said...

Be sure to have tissue on hand because this will break your heart.

Powerful stuff.

20/8/05 16:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was listening to Rush in my car when this woman called in. I had a huge lump in my throat. Maybe it's wrong, but I would love to see if Cindy would dare tell this woman to her face that her son died for nothing, and spew out her hatred for America while she's at it. Do you think she would sink that low?


20/8/05 17:11  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

I agree with the above sentiments. We should be calling this woman "Mother" instead of that crazed harridan the MSM has been deifying, and thanking God that such decent people still exist in the United States.

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

20/8/05 17:21  
Anonymous Leland said...

The difference between Debbie and Cindy is sincerity. There is no need for Debbie to suffer the ridicule of Cindy. It would be nice if CNN figured that out. Doesn't matter to me though, I've long ago quit suffering CNN.

Cindy Sheehan may actually have had a son that died in Iraq. After that, her story is really one about a pro-Communist. Her son's honor is an idol she holds up as evidence of what Democracy is. We should recognize the honor, but we ought to ignore its pedestal.

20/8/05 23:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was very well said Leland. I wish I had said it!

21/8/05 00:21  

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