Friday, August 19, 2005

Ashamed... Them??

First, they would have to know what shame is.

At least more and more people are noticing how this freakshow in Crawford is turning into a traveling revue of nut-jobs. This is a great column by Frank Beckmann in the Detroit News.

[[ They ought to be ashamed of themselves, but they're not. They are the hate-filled, "Get Bush" crowd members who have now turned Cindy Sheehan's publicity stunt into a circus sideshow.

And much sympathy for Sheehan was replaced with pity after her blog-based press conference last weekend, when she blamed the United States for world terrorism, claimed the United States "would be a fascist state" if not for the Internet, called for the impeachment of Bush and said he should go to jail for "war crimes."

If Sheehan was performing solo in this sorry soap opera, one could almost excuse her outrageous remarks as naïve.
Instead, her performance was orchestrated by a pair of Democratic operatives, Bob Fertik (co-founder of and Joe Trippi (who managed the presidential campaign of Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean).

Add to that the support of the radical left-wing group and the mendacious filmmaker Michael Moore, and you've got a collection of full-time dissidents who felt no guilt over Sheehan's public humiliation.

America is not fooled. If Bush killed Sheehan's son, Casey, then so did the 29 Democratic senators who approved the Iraq war resolution in 2003, a list that included John Kerry, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman.

But never mind the truth that a terrorist killed Casey.

Never mind that this charade may embolden terrorists in Iraq to fight longer against our brave volunteer military force. Never mind that Casey's sacrifice is overshadowed by this embarrassing spectacle. Soon, the cameras will be gone, the stories will stop, and Cindy Sheehan will go home.

But the radicals will find someone new to exploit and ignore the damage they cause. ]] (LINK to article)

Oh, yeah... they will keep on howling and barking like the moonbats they are. Almost sad, if it wasn't so pathetic.


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