Thursday, August 18, 2005

She's Still A Pistol

A LOADED pistol!

Ann Coulter weighs in on the Cindy Sheehan debacle.

[[ Call me old-fashioned, but a grief-stricken war mother shouldn't have her own full-time PR flack. After your third profile on "Entertainment Tonight," you're no longer a grieving mom; you're a C-list celebrity trolling for a book deal or a reality show.

We're sorry about Ms. Sheehan's son, but the entire nation was attacked on 9-11. This isn't about her personal loss. America has been under relentless attack from Islamic terrorists for 20 years, culminating in a devastating attack on U.S. soil on 9-11. It's not going to stop unless we fight back, annihilate Muslim fanatics, destroy their bases, eliminate their sponsors and end all their hope. A lot more mothers will be grieving if our military policy is: No one gets hurt!

Fortunately, the Constitution vests authority to make foreign policy with the president of the United States, not with this week's sad story. But liberals think that since they have been able to produce a grieving mother, the commander in chief should step aside and let Cindy Sheehan make foreign policy for the nation. As Maureen Dowd said, it's "inhumane" for Bush not "to understand that the moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq is absolute."

I'm not sure what "moral authority" is supposed to mean in that sentence, but if it has anything to do with Cindy Sheehan dictating America's foreign policy, then no, it is not "absolute." It's not even conditional, provisional, fleeting, theoretical or ephemeral. ]]

Wow... it is a very good column! One should endeavor to go and read it all. (LINK to column)



Anonymous tj said...

This line from that column is priceless...>>Dowd's "absolute" moral authority column demonstrates, once again, what can happen when liberals start tossing around terms they don't understand like "absolute" and "moral." <<

18/8/05 11:58  
Blogger kmg said... little kids with guns... gotta be careful where they point those words.

18/8/05 12:03  
Blogger Morning Star said...

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18/8/05 13:38  
Blogger kmg said...

Ah... one of morningstar's friends.

Welcome aboard, cynthia. Thanks for the kind words.

18/8/05 14:28  
Blogger Morning Star said...

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18/8/05 15:12  
Blogger kmg said...

Wait a minute... are you morningstar, back from the great beyond...??

If not, then she has a pretty good copyright suit against you... you are playing her song!

18/8/05 15:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It can't be Morning Star. She had some class even when she skipped her meds.


18/8/05 19:34  
Blogger Morning Star said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

18/8/05 20:06  
Blogger kmg said...

Kinda nice that she cleaned up after herself...

...they usually don't do that...

18/8/05 21:21  
Blogger Barbara said...

It's definitely morningstar! Check out her blog! She signs them all Morningstar!

You gotta' love Ann Coulter! She may be high-strung, but she's got sense!You have to love what she says, and she says what she believes!

Anyone check out Linda Chavez, and what she had to say?

18/8/05 21:36  

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