Wednesday, August 17, 2005

michael moore Revisited

Last year, it came out that old fatty was trying to get letters from military people... for his new movie, you know. Apparently, he is planning a scandalous expose on how the military is actually full of far left communists, socialists, and- above all- Bush haters!

Anway, when I heard that his royal fatness was actually soliciting letters, I jumped at the chance to comply. Oddly enough, I never received a reply... go figure.

With old fatty-pants being somewhat back in the news- what with him sponsering Cindy Sheehan and all- I thought it would be fun to take another look at this.

Soooo... here is my letter to michael moore... dusted off and ready for another day in the sun.

Mr. moore,

I was recently informed via a great website ( that you were seeking letters from veterans and military members.

As a good Marine, my first reaction was, of course, to sit down and write you a long, detailed letter, outlining exactly what I thought of you and your unspeakably vile anti-American actions... and the fact that you have, without question, aided our enemy and thereby caused additional and unnecessary American casualties... and the fact that calling you a "cancer" on our country would be an insult to cancer itself... and the fact that you have been a large part (no pun intended) of our societal decay.

That was my first reaction. Then I thought of that beautiful day (November 2nd, 2004), and how I should, instead, thank you. Due in large part (again, no pun intended) to your laughable lie-umentary and your pathetic, chomsky-wannabee speeches and stunts, the American people woke up from their stupor and resoundingly re-elected our superb Commander-in-Chief.

Finally, I realized that I needn't bother at all. The best cure for your evil ridiculousness was just a good dose of overexposure to it. Now, just like john kerry, you are relegated to the trash heap of history- along with a sizable portion (still no pun intended) of your fellow socialist/communist liberals. Seeing your sycophantic hosts worship you at the democrat convention told us all we need to know about that party.

In the end, then, no letters are necessary. You have become monumentally, enormously (pun intended), hugely (pun intended) irrelevant. You simply do not matter anymore.

Take heart, though, I will always remember you as a filthy traitor and an enemy to the United States of America. Hope that helps.


Kurt G.

P.S. My son is also a Marine, currently serving in Fallujah. I'd like to send along a big "F-YOU" from him and his fellow heroes.



Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

The irony of MM is that ever since he made "Roger and Me" he has always seen himself as a defender of the Common Man, yet there is almost no one in America who so misunderstands and maligns the very people he claims to defend.

MM is, to me, the archetypal Leftist---loathing the very country that allows him the freedom to loathe, and thouroughly missing the incongruity of his own response to that same country.

I despise him, and there are very few people who I say that about.

Pomoze Bog.

Tsar Lazar

17/8/05 23:33  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

Also, tell your son that there are many in this country who well understand the nature of the conflict in which he is engaged, and our prayers to God and our thanks go with him and his comrades-in-arms.

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

17/8/05 23:39  
Blogger kmg said...

Much appreciated, Tsar Lazar...

I'm not so sure that he is missing his own "incongruity"... I'm not so sure that he doesn't celebrate it.

I also don't think he simply "claims" to defend... I think he "pretends" to defend. Take his current project- he is supposedley working on some piece of crap using military malcontents. In his circle of followers, he will be the "voice" of the average military person... when in REALITY, nothing could be farther from the truth.

I think he knows that... and I think it is part of the motive power that drives him...

Who knows, though... I'm probably giving him way too much credit.

18/8/05 00:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What can I say except AWESOME. You have a way with words!!

I just can't imagine that all that's going on - Cindy Sheehan, michael moore making a film about the military, etc. - won't wake up the average moderate American to the insanity of the far left. It's amazing to me that the far left is resorting to the same tactics that they used to smear President Bush before the last election. And they REFUSE to believe that their insanity is what helped get him reelected. I say let michael moore make his stupid movie. We'll be celebrating again in 2008.


18/8/05 12:17  
Blogger kmg said...

Hey, SAJ,

Remember right after the election... many of the DFL thought that maybe they just didn't get their message out loudly enough... michael moore was one of those.

I agree with you... he is the greatest gift we could have got during the last election (well, except for "I voted for it ... before I voted against it...")


18/8/05 13:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're right. How could I forget that! I remember when I saw President Jimmy Carter sitting next to michael moore at the democratic convention. I lost all respect for him. Even though I didn't agree with a lot of his politics, I respected him as a humanitarian. It left a bad taste in my mouth, and it hasn't gone away.


18/8/05 17:02  
Blogger kmg said...

That is the exact same response I had... and I think Carter has lost a few of his gears... he has gone WAY over to the dark side lately...

18/8/05 18:57  

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