Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Palestinian After Party

It's hard to get through this article on It bounces back and forth between telling of the troubles on the Palestinian street, and sentimental white-wash about the joy that is developing now that the evil Israelis are leaving.
What stands out are the first few paragraphs... wherein we are treated to the spectacle of a six year-old martyr (yep... that's right... SIX YEARS-OLD) and the reason for his ascension into paradise.

[[ The main headline in the Palestinian daily newspaper Al-Ayyam on Wednesday, August 3, reported that a boy of 6 had been killed in the northern Gaza Strip and another 10 children had been wounded. The boy was defined as a "martyr" - a term that is usually reserved for people killed by the Israel Defense Forces and for suicide attackers. But this child was killed by the explosion of a "locally made" missile, as the report put it, a euphemism for a missile or mortar launched by a Palestinian cell. ]]

The terrorist groups then fall all over one another to deny culpability in the child's death... which was, by anyone's reckoning, a new position for them to take.

[[ The newspaper did not specify which organization was responsible for having launched the missile. The Hamas movement said it had no connection to it. Islamic Jihad hastened to deny that one of its cells was involved in the incident, but promised to hold back on firing its missiles until after the disengagement. ]]

Then we learn that they have been blowing themselves up for some time now, but the media has been a bit... reluctant to report it.

[[ Ever since the Palestinians began to manufacture and launch locally produced missiles, about four years ago, most of the casualties they have inflicted - dead and wounded - have been Palestinian, and not Israeli. But up until recent weeks, these accidents were not given the prominence they are getting now. The Palestinian media did not dare publish or emphasize reports that would damage the myth of "the armed struggle" so conscientiously nurtured by the various television stations and the propaganda films of the various organizations. The Palestinian media, in a way that is more direct and transparent than in the Western press, organize the "hierarchy" of their headlines according to the preferences of the regime, according to how they interpret the public's tastes and the fears of the various power groups - thus reflecting a tendency to avoid debate on sensitive subjects. ]]

Hmmmm... I don't think they are more "direct and transparent" than our media at all. Surely, our old media are practitioners of organizing the "hierarchy" of their headlines... just look at the insane far left orgy they are conducting with Cindy Sheehan right now.

Anyway, then we hear how the PA wants to stop Hamas from shooting at the departing Israelis... but Hamas wants to shoot at them because they are really tough and cool and, after all, it was their "struggle" that made the evil Jews leave in the first place...

[[ This situation is due to the fact that, from the moment the Palestinian doubts as to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's intention to carry out the disengagement were removed, another image war broke out between the PA and Hamas - primarily as concerns the struggle for the public's approval and the election race for the Palestinian Legislative Council. Most of all, Hamas nowadays likes to call the disengagement a "withdrawal" - and to attribute it to the success of "the armed struggle" of which its members have been perceived as the spearhead for the past five years. ]]

Finally, the article tells us, almost poetically, about the poor Palestinians who have suffered so long under the evil Jews... and now they can just live in peace, as they have wanted to do for ages. To wit:

[[ In Rafah, Siafa, Khan Yunis and Dir al-Balah, people have been living 300 to 500 meters from the sea and from the most beautiful beaches in the Gaza Strip, but for the past five years the IDF has not allowed them access, in order to protect the settlers. The mother of 6-year-old Mohammed of the Shabura refugee camp in Rafah is now trying to imagine how her son will react to the first caress of the waves. (Told ya it was poetic! -ed)

Also during these past years, Muasi (where several thousand people live), Siafa and the Ma'aniya neighborhood of Dir al-Balah were turned into jails behind barbed-wire fences, closed gates, IDF surveillance, tanks and entry-permit red tape. Entering and exiting these places was permitted for limited periods daily, only to inhabitants, but not to all of them. From time to time people of certain ages were not allowed to return to their homes - or they could not leave them without special permits, which were given sparingly. The evacuation of the settlements will restore to these people freedom of movement, freedom to entertain guests in their homes, freedom to go out to work, buy food products, take agricultural produce to the market, go to clinics and schools and so on - without waiting for IDF permits or for soldiers who will open the gates.

Yes... the evil, evil IDF. Imagine them having the nerve to restrain movements of people who were CONSTANTLY trying to blow up Jewish civilians- often children. In any case, now these oppressed people can go to the beach and come out from behind the barbed wire...

...and kill (sorry... "martyr") more of their own small children with "celebration" missiles.

Read the whole thing, if you are so inclined. (LINK to story)


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