Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why Are They Not In Jail??

Someone please tell me...

Publicly advocating INTENTIONAL interference in the national security mission of the United States.

Shouldn't that be a crime?

Hello... is this thing on...??

Dear Lord, help us...

[[ Pittsburgh: Aug 20 Shutdown Military Recruitment
Aug. 20th, Pittsburgh- Confront the War, Shutdown Military Recruitment
POG Call for day of Action against the war and military recruitment!

Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) is sending out this call for a non-violent day of direct action on August 20th to shutdown military recruitment in Pittsburgh. We support a diversity of tactics for this day of action. By this we mean we encourage and support any and all non-violent actions (whether symbolic, direct, passive, confrontational, etc) taken to expose, confront, and disrupt the war machine and military recruitment in Pittsburgh. Recruitment is the specific focus of our protest but there are many other war-related institutions around. We are planning the framework for this day of action in the hopes that other groups will add their creativity and unique potential to the success of these broad goals.

Notice how they admit that they can't win with the ballet box, or by "educating people"... so it's time to get all militant.

[[ Hundreds of smaller protests have occurred throughout the nation. These have not been in vain. Still, two things have clearly been lacking in the anti-war movement: a feasible strategy and compelling direct actions that together can actually impact government policy. In this respect, the movement's record has been less than stellar. Generic mass protests have failed. The electoral route has proved unsurprisingly unsuccessful. Educational campaigns, while making progress in shifting general opinions on the war, have nevertheless failed because they lack a complimentary and compelling action strategy. We believe a Counter-Recruitment movement that utilizes a diversity of tactics is the way to go. ]]

The electoral route was "unsurprisingly unsuccessful"... well, at least they aren't kidding themselves about Americans agreeing with them. Typical far left attitude: "Well, we can't win an election because the people are too stupid... we have to save them for their own good."

A "diversity of tactics"... well, since they couldn't win in a fair election, couldn't "educate" all of us morons, couldn't produce "mass protests"... so now it's time to take a cue from Cindy Sheehan and became full-blown seditionists! Rock on!!

Here is the whole thing... if you want to further damage your brain. (LINK to garbage)

A tip of the hat to Charles Johnson at the venerable Little Green Footballs.



Anonymous brian said...

They have to resort to this because they've noticed that re-enlistment is surpassing all expectations and the only military branch that's having much trouble meeting recruitment goals is the Army, who've historically had problems meeting goals...And just what, one or two months ago, hit their goal for that month almost a week before the month was over.

They're running out of options, as the rest of America is just plain too "dumb" to get the message about the military being bad. Personally I think that's because the message is a lie, but hey, what would I know? I just owe my entire field of study and future career to the military. You'd be surprised at how many people don't realize there wouldn't be computers without the Army or the Internet without DARPA.

I hope the fine folks of Pittsburgh overwhelm their recruiters when this all goes down. It would be quite funny to see the military exceed all their monthly goals within the first two weeks of the month.

16/8/05 23:22  
Blogger kmg said...

That would be most amusing, indeed...

I still don't get why we "normal" Americans continue to allow this behavior to happen...

We really need to get busy "policing our own".

Thanks for the comments, Brian.

17/8/05 00:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Finally, a Police State.

17/8/05 03:24  
Blogger kmg said...

Yep... that's exactly what we're saying here.

Here's a word for you to try: Perspective.

Don't hurt yourself trying to understand it all at once, though, okay? Pace yourself... first just try to understand the difference between "loyal opposition" and "sedition".

17/8/05 08:09  

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