Monday, August 15, 2005

That Is One Healthy President!!

It was news recently that the President was extremely healthy... and it made the far left angry. Not just because they want him to drop dead... but because they feel that he is not spending enough time as President if he has all that time to exercise.

I suspect that a more important reason is because it creates even more of a gap between the President and his opponents. I think it's a man thing... allow me to explain.

Men like to think of themselves as being macho types- even if the only thing they've lifted in years is their fork to their mouth. It is just a guy thing to want to feel tough and fit. No matter how "refined" we become, it is always in the back of our mind... whenever we meet another man, we compare ourselves to him physically. I'm sure women do the same thing (only for different reasons). Men just have a competitive thing that is very, very hard to get around.

So... along comes President Bush. He challenges the left- they size him up and dismiss him as a simpleton and a loser... then he beats them. Misunderestimation.

He shows himself to be the man we all need him to be after 9/11. He leads us in the war on terror- key word being LEADS.

Up for reelection, the left again paints him as an idiot (kerry actually called him that in one infamous outtake) ... he wins soundly. Misunderestimation.

He continues to stymie them... time after time looking like the good guy and "the man".

For some of his male opponents, it hurts them to realize (even though they could never admit it) that he has beat them politically many times... and that he could beat them at most any physical challenge, as well.

That has to hurt... right?

Anyway, here is a nice piece from USA Today on the Presidents mountain bike abilities. It also tells us more about his physical condition... and I know I feel better knowing that our President is such a disciplined individual. As a long time runner and weight lifter, I can tell you that it takes dedication and self-discipline... and President Bush appears to have plenty of both.

[[ The leader of the free world is now leading a Boomer Generation fitness trend. At age 59, President Bush is ripping around on a mountain bike, beating stress — and his fellow riders — with aplomb.

But the truth about the Biker-in-Chief is that the man can really ride. Over the course of a two-hour Tour de Crawford, Bush humbled every rider in Peloton One with a strong and steady pace over scorching hot paved roads, muddy creek crossings, energy-sapping tall grass and steep climbs on loose and crumbling rock.

"I like speed," says Bush, who wore a red-white-and blue helmet and a Western-style bike jersey, complete with pearl snap buttons. His loose-fitting black shorts bore small rips from his crash in Scotland. "There's something exhilarating about heading down a hill at 35 mph on a mountain bike — or trying to grind up a hill at 9 mph."

During the Saturday ride, Bush's heart rate will average 139 beats a minute, with a maximum of 177 on one of the hill climbs. He will burn about 1,500 calories — enough to erase a McDonald's Big Mac, large fries, milk shake and apple pie.

But you won't find those items on his personal menu. He weighs 191.6 pounds, 8 pounds less than a year ago. His body fat percentage is 15.79, down from 18.25 and well below the "normal" range of 16.5-to-20.5 for his age group.

The whole article is here - LINK to story.


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