Monday, August 15, 2005

Over Where??

Over in hollywood's version of reality, of course. The FX channel and Steven Bochco are bringing us a gripping, hard-core version of the war in Iraq called, "Over There."

Yes... they are at it again- making a "reality based" show. Whenever I hear that, I always have to ask, "whose reality"? Because this one is definitely NOT the reality of any military person who has been in "it". No military person that I know (and I know A LOT of them, myself included) thinks this show is even remotely accurate or realistic.

Besides taking in vain the title of a real American classic war song from WW-I (You know, back when Americans ALL supported their military), this series also makes a big obscenity of our military's efforts today.

For years now, hollywood has made movie after movie that depicted the military as evil and incompetent. Think about it... even the "good movies". The hero is a soldier (sailor/airman/Marine) who is brave and good, but has to work against a corrupt chain of command to do the decent thing. Go ahead... name one that isn't like that. The only other kind is the one where even the soldier (sailor/airman/Marine) is also evil and corrupt. That is simply what those morons think of our military.

The other side of it is that this will go a long way toward helping the anti-American crowd with their "anti-war" message... and, subsequently, will help our enemy. It's bad enough that the media won't show the truth of what's happening in the war, now we have hollywood stepping in to fill in the blanks for us.

I am completely disgusted that they can get away with this. No way to know for sure, but I'm guessing this one will win lots and lots and lots of hollywood awards... they really like to reward crap like this (ala "fat-enheit 911").

Michael Fumento has the scoop.

[[ "Peace at any price" purveyors are going gaga over the new FX Channel series "depicting" the Iraq war, "Over There," produced by Steven Bochco of Hill Street Blues fame. "Wow! Anybody else watch Over There last night?" gushed a writer for the heavily-read antiwar blogsite, Daily Kos. "Within a few minutes . . . it was obvious that Iraq was Vietnam all over again."

How a fictional show shot in La La Land could make anything about Iraq policy "obvious" is hard to fathom. But the series does tout its realism, as have some reviewers who've never gotten closer to Iraq than filling their gas tanks. Further, Bochco claims it's politically neutral. Unfortunately, "Over There" puts reality in a body bag and is as unbiased as if scripted by a guy named Allen Qaeda.

If "Over There" has a true military advisor, he deserves the firing squad. In the first episode a squad is pinned down while besieging a terrorist-filled mosque. The unit remains for about 36 hours with no air support, because "Air is dedicated to another area." Never mind that planes or choppers are always available within minutes. They request artillery, again to no avail. There's no armor.

There's more... please read it all... we need to be aware of stuff like this. (LINK TO ORIGINAL POST)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think theyll ever get it?
I gues if they get enough Americans to think this crap is "real" then they will be serving their cause.

16/8/05 09:16  
Blogger Bic said...

As soon as I saw that they would be making a series based on the War in Iraq I had a sinking feeling in my gut that this would be the result. I still haven't seen Bochco's version of reality but from all I've heard, Fumento's review can't be too far off.

It's a real shame since this could have been a good way to get the message out that things are not as bad as the news makes it out to be 'over there'. Instead it looks like we will just get more of the same.

In Western culture violence sells, and I guess it just wouldn't have made good TV to show troops working with native Iraqis building schools, water treatments facilities, etc..

16/8/05 15:00  
Blogger kmg said...

"... this could have been a good way to get the message out that things are not as bad as the news makes it out to be 'over there'. ..."

Well, I'm pretty sure they are very much avoiding that on purpose...

They won't show the rebuilding stuff- whether it would sell or not... because it shows that we are actually a force for good, instead of just "occupying" the land.

16/8/05 19:00  

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