Thursday, August 18, 2005

When Will They Be Left Alone?


This is just sad to me... no other word does it.

It changes to anger, of course, when I read old media's descriptions of it.

[[ Jewish settlers sobbed and screamed, some of them ripping their shirts in mourning, as Israeli troops dragged them from homes and synagogues Wednesday — the beginning of the end of Israel's 38-year occupation of the Gaza Strip. ]] (LINK to biased story)

Occupation...?? Occupation...??

Oh, that's right... these are the same people who think we are "occupying" America illegally... because others were here first. Which, of course, doesn't hold up as an argument for them... since the Israelis were there MANY CENTURIES before the muslims were even in existence.

Details, details, details...



Blogger Morning Star said...

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18/8/05 04:45  
Blogger kmg said...

Yes... as have untold numbers of groups.

That another has suffered does not lessen the suffering that is happening now, though.

Besides, this is hardly fleeing for your life during a war... this is your own government dragging you out of your home.

18/8/05 07:41  

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