Friday, August 19, 2005

Moonbat: Defined

(My 100th post, by the way)

Okay, here is probably the best description of a "moonbat" that I have seen. It comes from the Daily Blogster. I have no doubt I could also write one, but this one is pretty darn good... so let's run with it!

[[ The common American or European Barking Moonbat is a creature known on a very popular website as a typically harmless creature with whom you cannot reason. M.B.'s can cause harm however if their poisonous venom is taken seriously by any human being. Barking Moonbats generally believe any and every piece of anti-American left wing propaganda created and always blame America first for every ill in the world. Facts make the M.B. nervous but they seem to be impervious to their influence. If the M.B. has the attention of the media it actually weakens them. In fact moonbat hunters (known as bloggers or commentators) come out of the woodwork and will skewer them mercilessly after a media appearance, lessening the effect of the venom.

Barking Moonbats usually , are frightened by a person waving an American flag. This is the only flag known to bother them, other than Confederate colors. To be fair however, there is also a rare version of Barking Moonbat that comes from another region of North America too (the North American Lawless Barking Moonbat.) They believe in violence toward the government, joining militias to band together so they can defend themselves against "martial law, killing Abortion clinic docs, white supremacy etc. These however are quite rare, but are even more dangerous than the common Barking Moonbat.

The common Barking Moonbat however usually, but not always believe American servicemen/women are baby killers. Barking Moonbats fear all people of religion (except Muslims). Barking Moonbats think that Ward Churchill is a great American hero and that "art" depicting Christ on the cross in a bottle of urine is something all of society should accept without question as "cultural art." If someone objects, the Barking Moonbat call can be heard or screech can be heard for miles; The screech which sounds like the word "CENSORSHIP" has been effective in defeating Moonbat hunters in the past.

M.B.'s have successfully invaded a region of the United States (on the northeastern and western coasts) called the Democratic Party and the ACLU. Rather than hunting or ignoring the M.B.s, the Democrats began feeding, then breeding Barking Moonbats starting in the mid to late 1960's. This was a bad mistake and has led to the decline of Democrat influence within American politics, especially since the Reagan years. You'd think they would have learned their lesson but the effect of Moonbat poison on the Democrats has been severe. Democrats have actually begun
using Moonbats as their official spokesmen, continuing the decline of the party. Unless the Democrats stop feeding stray Moonbats, the effects of the poison could cause party extinction.

Moonbat sportsmen (the most prominent member currently takes up residence in the White House) are currently banding together to lessen the effect of Moonbat poison on society in general. Moonbats aren't going away quietly though, as more M.B. sportsmen take up residence in prominent places, such as the Supreme Court, the screeching of the M.B. can loudly be heard each day on local cable access channels and C.N.N.

Here is the rest of the post, for anyone who wants to read it. (LINK to original post)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shhhhh...don't wake up the bats......

19/8/05 09:05  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

I would make one alteration here.

Moonbats do not fear all people of religion...just what our Muslim Brothers call "People of the Book" (Jews and Christians). Moonbats, in fact, love any religion that has shock value or is perceived as being "non-judgmental" (I suppose this might also include Episcopalians...). Beheading a chicken and drinking its blood while engaging in group sex as part of a "sacred fertility ritual" is, to a MB, a truly transcendent experience; drinking the Blood of Christ as part of the Mass (or, in my tradition, the Liturgy) is, at best, a bit of self-delusional barbarity deserving only ridicule and censure.

Some years ago, a moonbat colony sickened and died from improperly-mixed grape Kool-Aid as part of one of their group rituals, even while a visiting CA politician expired from a .223 brain hemorrhage.

So, MBs are not afraid of religion, only those outmoded, bigoted, judgmental, tradition-bound ones.

PS Happy 100th, with a sincere wish for many more.

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

19/8/05 10:48  
Blogger kmg said...

Thanks, Tsar! (May I call you "Tsar"?)

The funny thing is, when the islamo-fascists take over, the moonbats are going to get a firsthand lesson in exactly what "Judgmental" really means!

19/8/05 10:57  

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