Friday, August 19, 2005

More Petty Crimes From The ROP

(That's Religion Of Peace, by the way)

I wonder if we should find the gentlemen responsible for this attack and ask them, politely, of course, why they did it and where they got the rockets from?

Or... we could just blame Israel. Either way.

[[ One of at least three missiles fired from a poor neighborhood of Aqaba, Jordan, narrowly missed a U.S. Navy ship docked at the city's port Friday, but left one Jordanian soldier dead and another wounded.

"From press reports, it appears it was Syrians and two Iraqis with a Kuwaiti license plate that had these rockets," Ginsberg told FOX News. "Where do you get these rockets in the Middle East? From Hezbollah or Iran. The Iranians are the biggest supplier of these rockets to Hezbollah."
]] (LINK to story)

Rocket attacks on naval vessels, terrorist organizations and rogue nations supplying them... hmmm... this sounds like a law enforcement problem.

Quick! Somebody call a cop!!


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