Saturday, August 20, 2005

Strong Words From The Pope

A pity that they fell on mostly deaf ears.

[[ Pope Benedict XVI decried the "cruel fanaticism" of terrorism Saturday and urged Muslims to join Christians in trying to combat its spread.

In blunt remarks, he told a gathering of Muslim officials in Germany that Muslim leaders had a "great responsibility" in properly educating their younger generations.

"I am certain that I echo your own thoughts when I bring up as one of our concerns the spread of terrorism," Benedict told the Muslim leadership, mainly Turks, in his most extensive remarks on terrorism during his four-month papacy.

By working together, Catholics and Muslims could "turn back the wave of cruel fanaticism that endangers the lives of so many people and hinders progress toward world peace," he said. ]] (LINK to story)

I'm sure His Holiness realizes that he is most certainly NOT echoing their own thoughts... in fact, it is obvious that many muslims are not ready to see that the fanatial "branch" of their religion will stop at NOTHING to get their way. The blind ones refuse to see that the islamo-fascists are killing civilians by the hundreds in Iraq... MUSLIM CIVILIANS.

Yes... we could turn back this evil wave, if we worked together. If millions and millions of muslims stood up and announced that they were mad as hell and were not going to take it anymore. Is that going to happen? Not likely.

‘Million Muslim march’ idea falls by the wayside. (From LGF)

This part from the Pope story is interesting:

[[ But in warning Saturday that the world risked exposure to "the darkness of a new barbarism," he stressed that Muslim leaders must "guide Muslim believers and train them in the Islamic faith." ]]

Ummm... beg to differ, Holy Father... but the world is already very much exposed to the "darkness of new barbarism". We see it every day, all over the world... it is called militant islam.

As to encouraging muslim leaders to "guide muslim believers and train them in the islamic faith"... well, they are already doing that... and that is the problem.

No one is safe from these monsters.


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