Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Sent to me by the good folks at Boot Murtha.

[[ Oct. 31, 2006



We have come to the last few days of our campaign, and what a campaign it has been! With your help, John Murtha’s chances of being elected to a 17th term in the US Congress have diminished more than anyone thought possible. And now we are on the verge of accomplishing the impossible!

In the next few days we are making our final push to deny John Murtha the votes of reasonable people who have supported him in the past. Toward that end, we have begun running our own TV ad within the district. We will also continue to place newspaper ads pointing up Murtha’s connection with un-American political elements—like:

Code Pink, those putrid, pathetic people who harass injured Iraq War troops outside Walter Reed Army Hospital each Friday evening;

George Soros, the America-hating multi-billionaire currency speculator who throws his bank account behind any left-wing cause that comes to his attention; and

Michael Moore, the darling of the American left, who blames all our nation’s ills on gun owners, Christians, and conservative politicians.

These are Murtha’s people. They have big money behind them. And they have passion—the problem with THEIR passion, however, is that it’s pure, undisguised hatred for people like us. You should SEE some of the hate mail we get. It’s so vile I can’t even quote it, but suffice it to say that the “F” word shows up frequently.

Who are our people? Well, they certainly aren’t billionaires and movie moguls and international financiers, but they have passion—a passion that is focused on saving their country, not destroying it. Some ask how we think we can overcome the millions of dollars that the radical left has available to counter our bare-bones campaign.

Easy—we have the kind of passion that translates into ACTION, the action that sees our Operation Street Corner volunteers braving the harassment of Murtha goons and foul weather in order to acquaint 12th District voters with “The REAL John Murtha.” We have the kind of passion that motivates literally HUNDREDS of letter-writers to saturate the in-boxes of district newspapers.

You are part of that. Your passion has made and is making the difference. John Murtha is going to lose; he’s beginning to understand that, and you can be sure that he will pull out all the stops to save his bacon. He has already resorted to the use of foul language in referring to us as “scumbags.” And, addressing our efforts to bring the truth to his district, he said, “Screw them.”

This will be the last time I will ask for your financial support. It is also the most critical time, as we have made a dynamite little TV spot that is demonstrating to voters exactly what Murtha’s association with Code Pink signifies, and that is a selling out of American servicemen and servicewomen. You can view it online now: CLICK HERE

We will run this ad as many times as your contributions enable us to run it. In an ideal situation, we would run it hundreds of times in various TV markets. In addition, we have a series of newspaper ads that we will be running, and we plan to take our bank account down to zero in getting the word out about Code Pink, Brother Kit, and ABSCAM.

One last time—HELP US! This is America ’s fight, and we owe it to those brave souls in the 12th District of Pennsylvania to help them get rid of this monster who thinks he owns that district. By defeating John (al-Jazeera Jack) Murtha, we will deprive the America-haters of one of their most visible spokesman, and we will be sending a strong message of support to the men and women who are fighting on battlefields around the world.

You may donate by PayPal or credit card: CLICK HERE

or you may send your check (payable to VFTT) to:

Vets for the Truth
P.O. Box 291
Chocowinity , NC 27817

If you prefer to send funds by bank-to-bank transfer, please e-mail us for details on how to do that: lbailey@bootmurtha.com .

Thank you for your past support, and I will see you at our victory party as soon after the election as we can organize it!

Yours for a Congress without John Murtha!

Larry Bailey

President, Vets for the Truth

PS: Please pass this along to everyone in your address book and give them a chance to get involved! ]]

KMG and all affiliates (including Liberal Pounder) approve of this ad!!


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