Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In Defeat, Let Us Find Victory

Yes, it's a rain cloud.

Yes, the dumocrats won some control.

Yes, we are in serious, serious trouble.

Yes, the islamofascists are celebrating wildly today.

Yes, it's tempting to go hide in the bomb shelter.

But... you will notice that there is still some sunshine and some blue in the picture.

We are still America.

Yes, many of our citizens are stupifyingly confused and misguided... but we are still America.

One positive spin is that Americans will now be reminded of why they threw these idiots out back in 1994... and maybe, just maybe, Republicans will take a lesson, too. Maybe they will decide to get their act together before 2008 and STOP BETRAYING THE PEOPLE ON IMMIGRATION AND SPENDING!

Okay, I feel better now. Let's get busy helping our new overlords, shall we?



Blogger HECIII said...

Well Mr.Rumsfeld is the first casualty of the outcome of the election.

i hope that the electorate will not allow the democrats to mis-behave while they have control of the legislative body of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

The propaganda machine has shown just how powerful it really is.

Maybe the Republicans need to go to PROPAGANDA SCHOOL
and learn how to
RANT and INCITE the populace
after the democrats have been in office for a while.

It looks like a safe landing,
but we don't know how hard the landing was or the condition of the
"Ship of State"
after this latest outcome.

Prayer is effective.
Fervent prayers of righteous men and women are needed at this time in history.


I wish you all the best and nothing less.

8/11/06 10:30  
Blogger saj said...

It's going to be interesting the next 2 years. I'm most worried right now about what happens if Justice Stevens retires from the Supreme Court. There ain't no way the president will get a conservative confirmed now.

8/11/06 15:24  
Blogger kmg said...

That is definitely the most worrisome thing, SAJ... and the liberals will no doubt pressure him to retire soon, because they know their window is small.

9/11/06 05:12  

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