Saturday, November 04, 2006

Possibly The Final Word

Okay, I'm not going to promise to stop with the john kerry stuff... but I will try... after this piece.

Here is some very, very real and very, very righteous umbrage from the father of a fallen soldier. He very eloquently takes kerry to the woodshed... but he also takes us all on a short journey into the truth of this matter. This man, and others like him, are the ones we should all be listening to. He understands the sacrifice and the true nature of this war and the people who are fighting it.

I won't excerpt... please, please read it all and share.

Shame On Him

God bless this man and the soul of his son.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know,Kurt, it's not a war of words or ideas alone that we are fighting here.

The general population doesn't have an advanced or above average command of our language, so they don't know how to accurately characterize the behavior of these powerful talking heads that get all the media attention that they ask for or expect everytime they open their mouths.

Powerful people are attempting to dupe the American public,
you remember the old sayings from the military?
baffle them with bull-xxxx?

and this is a serious problem for our young people,case in point, why were these young people subjected to the antics of John Kerry at the place where they were a captive audience and had to listen to the polluted thinking of the speaker?

was he invited?
was he paid to speak?

did one of his staff volunteer him for the event?

in any case he was there to do as much damage as he could to the minds of impressionable young people.

I'm glad he messed up,
now it acts as if someone has pulled of his mask and we can see very clearly what his level of intent was.

4/11/06 20:27  

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