Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Strong Words

Wow. I wonder if the President will read this?

[[ Dear Mr. President, I am writing to you because I am afraid. I have been closely following the rhetoric of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the past few months, and I want you to know that I am gripped with a sense of fear.

I fear for the future of Israel and for that of the entire Jewish people, as the would-be Hitler of Persia readies to do battle against us with the most horrific of weapons.

I fear for the future of the West, because outside of Washington, few and far between are the leaders with the common sense and courage to stand up to the Tyrant of Teheran.

And I fear for the future of the world, because if Iran's fundamentalists get their hands on a nuclear weapon, it will only be a matter of time before their extremist allies abroad become similarly armed.

Hence, I am writing to you because I am convinced that you alone understand and appreciate the gravity of the current situation, and I pray in my heart that you will not let it stand.

I appeal to you now, not as a political analyst nor as a newspaper columnist, but as one man of faith to another: Please strike Iran hard with military force, and dismantle its nuclear weapons program, before it is too late.

That is not all of it... please go and read the rest. It is very intense and... disturbingly stirring.

An appeal of faith to President George W. Bush



Blogger Boo, Jess & Adam said...

I feel sad that President Bush has had to make so many decisions like this one. Thank God he has moral responsibility and thinks far beyond politics.

1/11/06 14:44  
Blogger saj said...

What a sad letter. It's a letter that should be unnecessary to write, but unfortunately, we are watching as history repeats itself, and it is an intensly helpless and frustrating feeling. All we can do is pray, pray hard for the protection of Israel and the West.

God willing, this country will elect another strong and determined leader in November 2008.

1/11/06 15:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God willing but not likely. Those leaders are few and very far in between.

1/11/06 17:03  
Blogger kmg said...

Yes, but you never know who will come along. I am going to hope for the best. Heck, if Newt decides to run, I might even get more involved in the process. I think he could be very good.

2/11/06 03:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think Newt G.
could win!

he can talk about anything, he's very well rounded.

3/11/06 19:27  

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