Saturday, November 04, 2006

No Mystery At All

Drudge asks:

[[ "Where's Nancy?"

The woman who would be speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has oddly stayed out of the national spotlight in the week leading up to the big vote.

The high profile, potentially history-making democrat has turned dramatically low-key.

The last photo of vanishing Pelosi on the wires was from an October 21 fundraiser.

And since Pelosi appeared on the October 22 broadcast of 60 MINUTES, national TV hits have been nonexistent.

A source close to the congresswoman explains she has been busy behind the scenes.

Pelosi made a brief appearance with Bill Clinton this week in San Fransisco.


"Oddly stayed out of the national spotlight..."?? No. Not odd at all.

First of all, she was away on Halloween for obvious reasons...

Mostly, though, she is out of the spotlight because the dumocrats actually want to win- and they know that she is scarier to voters than all the werewolves and vampires combined. In fact, no monster could ever invoke the kind of pure terror that comes from looking at...

nancy pelosi's Voting Record!!!!!



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