Friday, November 03, 2006

Hypocrites R Them

Same old story. dumocrats accuse Republicans of "disenfranchising" voters. They continually spread the word about how the evil Conservatives are taking away the right of the people to vote.

As you all know, what they mean is that Republicans think that only legal U.S. citizens (non-felons) should be able to vote... you know, like the law says.

We hear about how the liberals have hundred, maybe thousands, of lawyers ready to take all the election results to court if they lose... and on... and on.

Anyway, here's another story about how the dumocrats are crying foul on Republicans trying to enforce voting laws.

Md. Democrats Say GOP Plans to Block Voters

No one should try to stop ANYONE from voting seems to be their message. Actually, that IS their message... in that story, anyway.

They do change their tone a bit, though, when the voters in question are not illegal aliens or convicted felons... oh, yes, they change their tone when the voters are stupid military people.

democrat Questions Military Email Ballots

Disgusting hypocrisy. Business as usual for the dumocrat party.

God help us if they win.



Blogger saj said...

A New Jersey congressman raised questions Thursday about a new military voting program that lets service members request and submit their ballots by fax or e-mail.
They tried to suppress military votes in 2000, and they're trying to do it again. But, they support the troops, RIIIIIGHT!

3/11/06 17:06  
Blogger saj said...

I also think Steele is going to win in Maryland. I think that race is going to be the big story on election night.

3/11/06 17:16  

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