Saturday, November 04, 2006

Evil Cowards

It is no surprise that the islamofascists are craven cowards... that is obvious in everything they do. What is most surprising is that cnn would carry this story.

[[ Palestinian militants who had been in a standoff with Israeli soldiers escaped Friday, many of them slipping away in a crowd of women who had come to protest the Israeli action.

The gunmen had been holed up in a northern Gaza mosque for hours mingling with a crowd of Palestinian women who had formed a human shield outside, the Israel Defense Forces said. Palestinian sources said some of the militants had put on women's clothes.

"Human shield." Nice.

I'm a bit confused, though... didn't hamas recently "defeat" and "humiliate" Israel? If so... and if Israel is so "weak" and easily defeated... then why on Earth would these brave "fighters" have to hide behind women? Man, that's a real head-scratcher.

Gaza Gunmen Flee Hidden Among Protesting Women

Yellow-bellied, snivelling, weak cowards. Oh, and, of course, "evil."



Blogger saj said...

As far as I'm concerned, those women got what they deserved. Anyone who knowlingly puts themselves in that kinda situation is an idiot. But I'm sure the media will put all the blame on Israel, those Zionist pigs.

4/11/06 09:55  

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