Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Power Party's Failed Fruit

I could say things like "the sins of the father..." or "you reap what you sow..." but that would connotate "God stuff," and we know that will only make the liberals more hateful and angry.

Instead, I'll just post this very telling little story:

[[ The adult sons of an Idaho state senator are in hot water with authorities in Idaho's capital city after two American flags dedicated to soldiers killed in Iraq were vandalized.

Twenty-four-year-old Michael Burkett was arrested and 22-year-old Thomas Burkett was cited for allegedly damaging flags and flagpoles on the grounds of the Idaho Capitol building this morning.

Police say Michael Burkett also resisted and obstructed officers.

Boise Police say one flag pole had been bent so the flag was lying on the ground, the other had been pulled from the ground.

Their father is Boise Senator Mike Burkett, a Democrat facing Republican Charles Seldon in Tuesday's election.

Senator Burkett says he thinks his sons are innocent, while the boys' mother, Sharon Burkett, says the entire event was a "misunderstanding."

I posted the whole thing, but here's the link so you can share.

democrat Senator's Sons Vandalize Heroes' Flags

In case you're wondering... yes, he did win reelection.


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