Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Scurvy, Sorry, Wretched Cretins

I've totally run out of disgust for the craven, despicable, pieces of human debris known as San Francisco politicians. They have hit bottom so many times before... but this one is really special.

Think I'm exaggerating? Read on...

[[ After 90 years in San Francisco high schools, the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps must go, the San Francisco school board decided Tuesday night.

The board voted 4-2 to eliminate the popular program, phasing it out over two years.


The board's decision was loudly applauded by opponents of the program.

Their position was summed up by a former teacher, Nancy Mancias, who said, "We need to teach a curriculum of peace.''


Opponents said the armed forces should have no place in public schools, and the military's discriminatory stance on gays makes the presence of JROTC unacceptable.

"We don't want the military ruining our civilian institutions," said Sandra Schwartz, of the American Friends Service Committee, an organization actively opposing JROTC nationwide. "In a healthy democracy ... you contain the military. You must contain the military."

"Ruining" our civilian institutions... you must "contain" the military... my Lord... that says a lot, doesn't it?

How far gone left... how completely anti-American does something have to be for San Francisco's ultra-liberal mayor to be against it?

[[ Earlier, Mayor Gavin Newsom weighed in on the debate, chastising the board for the effort to eliminate JROTC.

"The move sends the wrong message," he said. "It's important for the city not to be identified with disrespecting the sacrifice of men and women in uniform."

Newsom also said he believed the vote would push more city residents away from the public schools.

"You think this is going to help keep families in San Francisco?" the mayor added. "No. It's going to hurt."

Wowie! ...and yet, people still support this city because it is beautiful... the U.S. Government still supports this city... still has conferences and other events there. Corporate America does the same.

They obviously want nothing to do with America... they obviously want to be pariahs. Can we all please oblige them? I, for one, will not give them one more tourist dime.

San Franciso School Board Votes To Dump ROTC



Blogger warhorse said...

Ever read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? There's a marvellous little scene where you learn of a planet inhabited solely by beautiful, cool, groovy people. No boring, ugly, grotty people with jobs like cleaning phone booths are allowed. The entire population, you discover, gets wiped out by a plague that arose in an uncleaned phone booth. Sounds like they aren't alone ...

15/11/06 10:47  
Blogger saj said...

After seeing the pictures on Zombietime's Hall of Shame of rallies in san francisco, nothing about that hell hole would ever surprise me!

Who are they going to call when they have an earthquake?... the Ghostbusters? (sorry, that was lame)

15/11/06 15:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15/11/06 16:15  

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