Thursday, April 12, 2007

At Least They're Consistent

Ah, liberals... you have to love their simplistic approach to life:

Take the money from the rich guy and give it to the poor guy... don't let anyone speak freely (except for "protected minorities" and those "oppressed" by evil Conservatives)... draft lots and lots and lots of rules for how all the people should live and think... and, most importantly, if a thug or bully comes along and threatens you-- whether internationally or at the local school level-- then just bribe and appease him until he sees the wisdom of your enlightened ways.

Of course, none of this works at all-- as proven time and time again in history... but don't let that get in the way of your "enlightened" ideals.

[[ Difficult and disruptive pupils should be praised and given prizes to encourage them to behave, Government guidance said yesterday.

A system of rewards - including good news postcards home, special privileges or prizes - is the best way to encourage troublemakers to behave, says the document on keeping order in class.

All joking aside, this one reads like a parody... but it is not. Wait until you get to the parts about "avoiding discriminating against various racial groups..."

Disruptive Pupils Should Be Given Prizes

Lord help us, Western Civilization is on the way out...


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