Saturday, May 05, 2007

Straight Talk From (And About) A Straight Talker

Let's devote some time to our next President, shall we? The Fred Thompson wagon is starting to build up speed... and it won't be long before we all hop onboard.

I admit that I am still gathering information on Mr. Thompson to see how solid I think his positions are... but it sure does look good so far. The very best thing about him is his ability to just speak plainly and very intelligently-- without sounding like one of these dancing clown politicians.

Okay, we'll start with this one:

Images Of Oppression

Go, Fred!

Here is more on the soon-to-be candidate.

Thompson And His Ideas Are Now Online

Here is Mr. Thompson shedding some light on the truth about communist health care and how our dingbat liberals are so impressed with it.

The Myth Of Cuban Health Care

Now, a great one here-- the future President talks about the anti-American feelings in the world today.

Sticks And Stones

Finally, some humor. Frank J.-- the intrepid master of the brilliant IMAO blog where Yours Truly is featured in the Peace Gallery-- is the keeper of the Fred Thompson facts... and he now has a T-shirt with many of the good ones listed on it.

Fred Thompson Facts - T-Shirt Edition

Come on... you know you want to buy one!



Anonymous Mike said...

Go Fred!

5/5/07 10:03  
Blogger saj said...

What a gem! I love this guy. Please run, Fred, please!!

5/5/07 13:13  

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