Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Wish He Was My Senator!

Although this is amazing and wonderful to hear... it is also somewhat confusing. To hear a politician speak so plainly and truthfully and honorably... well, it's just strange.

Here is a good, old Kentucky Conservative-- the Honorable Jim Bunning-- giving it to the dumocrats and their surrender schemes.

[[ The ink isn't even dry on the President's plan and Democrats are already declaring it a failure. This type of defeatist strategy is irrational and unfair.

It is important to remember the dangerous effect our debate here in Washington can have on the message we are sending to our enemies. Make no mistake our enemies are watching us.

They are watching us and using our debate on the war on Iraq to strengthen themselves. Just this morning the new National Intelligence Estimate declared that the United States is at an elevated threat level. ...

But Democrats have already decided the surge has failed before it has had a chance to work. These are the same people who voted to overwhelmingly confirm General Petraeus and are now refusing to wait to hear his report in September.

This is the exact type of message our enemies want to hear. Well, I for one am working hard to send our enemies a message - the United States will not back down from this fight. I stand behind our troops and General Petraeus.

I promised General Petraeus that I would wait to hear his report this fall. And I intend to keep my promise. I urge my colleagues to do the same.

A Pointless Political Play


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