Sunday, August 28, 2005

aclu: Enemy Of The State IV

In this installment, the seditionists are worried about the success of the Minutemen... and have decided to "keep an eye" on them.

[[ The American Civil Liberties Union on Saturday began training observers in El Paso to watch Minutemen as they patrol for undocumented immigrants trying to sneak into the country.

The ACLU will deploy volunteers in clearly marked shirts to ensure that civil and human rights are not violated. Organizers for Minutemen in Texas and New Mexico have said they will begin patrols in October.

"When you go and you actually talk to them, you'll see that the underlying reason they're here is not because of immigration or drugs, but because this country is changing," said Claudia Guevara, a coordinator from Los Angeles for ACLU's Legal Observer program.

Hmmm... now what do you suppose she means by "because this country is changing..."? I guess she is trying to say that people have started to wake up and that is a very bad thing for the aclu.

Since "peaceful protest" is out of the question, the only thing they can do is spy on the Minutemen.

[[ "There has to be a peaceful response to this Minutemen situation, and it's not going to be through protest, of course," said Paul Barraza, 37, a real estate broker from El Paso. ]] (LINK to story)

You know... since these awesome good guys call themselves the "Minutemen", then the "clearly marked shirts" that the aclu people are going to wear should be red. That would complete the symbolism of the American Revolution. In a big way, the aclu is the oppressive force that the Red Coats were back then... and that force is exactly what all of us normal folks are fighting now.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable. They are out of control with the America bashing.

28/8/05 15:24  
Blogger kmg said...

They are out of control period.

28/8/05 20:02  
Blogger husker_met said...

Unfortunately, there is a segment of anti-immigration activists who play right into the ACLU's hands on this.

You don't have to look very far at some of the websites and message boards to see overt racism, anti-globalization, pro-unionism and on and on.

The only way to fight the ACLU is by beating them at their own game.

Posse Comitatus only applies to Federal troops, therefore the National Guards of border states could legally be deployed.

The XIVth Amendment states that equal protection (to the degree it mentions it at all) is limited to citizens of the United States (specifically freed slaves, but lets not split hairs on this issue). Therefore revocation of due process rights on illegal aliens is legal.

Enforcement of citizenship varification laws for employment already on the books puts the onus on the ACLU to get the laws changed.

National security, used as a means of funding increased DHS manpower at the border, is a "motherhood" issue with most voters. Use that angle and let the ACLU tell people why it's bad to have secure borders.

On and on it goes. This whole issue could be played a lot better if people took the time to force the burden back on the ACLU and pro-illegals shills.

28/8/05 23:26  
Blogger kmg said...

-"Therefore revocation of due process rights on illegal aliens is legal."

Husker- this is THE key element in it all... and the aclu will scream like stuck pigs when/if anyone tries to implement such. Without understanding this one tenant, though, we will have a very hard time with it. As long as illegal criminals have the same rights as do American citizens, fixing this problem is impossible.

29/8/05 06:19  

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