Saturday, August 27, 2005

Big Talking Cowards

This reminds me of the big talking kid who backs off from the guy who just kicked his butt... all the while saying, "You're a punk... I could smack you around if I wanted to..." Then, when the guy turns back toward the loud mouth, he runs away and hides.

[[ A Hamas leader who tops Israel's most wanted list said on Saturday the Jewish state had been humiliated by its Gaza pullout and warned Palestinian officials against stopping what he called armed resistance by militants.

Mohammed Deif, who survived an Israeli air strike on his car two years ago and who has been in hiding for more than a decade, delivered the message through Hamas's office in a video tape and written statement to reporters in Gaza.

The footage gave no indication of his whereabouts.

Of course it didn't. Because if it did, the Israelis would go and kick his ass for good. Isn't hiding like a scared rabbit the true measure of humiliation, mohammed?

The only humiliation Israel is feeling right now is ever trying to deal peacefully with cowardly thugs like this.

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Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...


I thought the Israelis kicked some SERIOUS butt years ago when they took out that Hamas leader by wiring his cell phone with a small dab of C-4. It was rigged to blow when the phone was answered. Then they called his phone. I guess you could say they "got his number" (literally, in this case).

Unfortunately, that's a "works once only" kind of gig.

I think the Israelis know where all of these Tangos are at any given hour: the MOSSAD is that good. However, they don't take them out because they know that the MSM would crucify them as "oppressors." Thus, the lives of these Muslim Brothers is spared for political reasons in the name of "peace."

After all, they could have done Arafat at any time in the last 30 years or so.

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

27/8/05 19:58  
Blogger kmg said...

True. They could have these punks whenever they want. They continue to breath courtesy of the IDF.

That's what makes this kind of talk even more infuriating to me... and the media is, as always, complicit in making the terrorists seem like oppressed "freedom fighters"...

27/8/05 21:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You hit it right on the head. They are just like that big mouth kid who talks shit until the really tough kids stand up to him, then he runs away.
They kill children and innocent civilians all the time. They are evil bastards and Israel should be allowed to do what it has to do to them.

27/8/05 23:08  

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