Friday, August 26, 2005

More Death Pill News

Is it surprising that another word for "left" is "sinister"?

Here we have ted kennedy championing the rush to market of the over the counter abortion pill. Never mind that the FDA is at least trying to figure out a way to keep it out of the hands of children... the DFL just wants it in the stores NOW!

The CEO of the company that makes the death pills is upset with the delays from the FDA... and manages to be ironic, apparently without even knowing it.

[[ "It's like being in purgatory," said Barr chief executive Bruce Downey. ]]

Purgatory... yeah, buddy... you're going to be getting a lot worse than that for being a part of this abomination.

I love the semantics they use now to keep from calling these evil pills what they are.

[[ "I am disappointed that FDA waited until this late hour to address a legal question that could and should have been resolved months ago," said Sen. edward kennedy, D-Mass. "I urge FDA to act quickly to approve this needed reproductive option for women." ]]

"Reproductive option." I also love "emergency contraception." Here's another one from hillary:

[[ "It is a breach of faith," Sens. patty murray, D-Wash., and hillary rodham clinton, D-N.Y., who lifted objections to Crawford assuming leadership of FDA only after his pledge, wrote in a statement. "There is no credible scientific reason to continue to deny increased access to this safe health care option." ]]

Now it's a "health care option." See... "option" equals "choice"... and "choice" is the catch word.

What ghouls these people are. Soulless ghouls and monsters.

Here's the whole story, if you're so inclined. (LINK)



Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

"this needed reproductive option for women" about the option of "not making the beast with two backs"? There's an original thought.

While I do not believe in the doctrine of Purgatory, I do agree that those who push these things will have a difficult time avoiding harsher places than that.

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

27/8/05 10:20  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

10 Most Creative Names for the Abortion Pill:

10) The Streetwalker Special

9) A Reproductive Option (with thanks to Teddy K.)

8) The Morning After Pill

7) The Sperminator

6) The Crackwhore Coctail

5) Breakfast at Planned Parenthood (Sorry, eggs with your sausage)

4) Torpedoing the Zygote Boat

3) The NARAL Nuke

2) The Hellbound Hangover Cure

1) The Kill Pill

To which I would simply add, "Murder."

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

27/8/05 11:01  
Blogger kmg said...

Sweet list, Tsar!!

Don't forget "The Momma/Poppa Stoppa"...

and "Raid For Babies"...

and "Kid-B-Gone"...

27/8/05 11:23  

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