Tuesday, August 23, 2005

But... We Love Fidel...

Remind me again why it is that the liberals love Castro so much? While you're at it, maybe you can also explain the Che Guevara shirts, too.

President Bush is the evil, nazi-like dictator who is oppressing everyone in his own country... right? Okay... then, why do we not see boatload after boatload of people trying desperately to escape America? Riiiiiiiggghhhtt... got it.

Here's more sunny news about that peoples' paradise, Cuba!

[[ Dr. Pablo Delvis Ruiz Pores left his home in Cuba on Aug. 15 with plans for a treacherous boat trip to the United States and hopes of reuniting with his wife in Miami.

He hasn't been seen since and his relatives feared Tuesday he could have been one of the 31 Cubans believed to have gone down in the deadliest migrant boating accident in years.

Camila Ruiz, director of government relations at the Cuban American National Foundation, said an increasing number of Cubans are turning to the illegal operations and other dangerous options for travel to the United States.

"People are so desperate they'll try to find any avenue out of the island. There are very limited options. And these people will go on anything that floats," Ruiz said.

"People with legal entry to the United States will take up desperate measures to be able to achieve freedom. They find they have no other options except this risky kind of trip," Ruiz said. "When you have a totalitarian system and a government that doesn't respect even the most fundamental human rights, you create that kind of desperation." ]] (LINK to story)

...government that doesn't respect fundamental human rights... wait a minute! I thought America was bad and Cuba was good!! What the hell is going on here?? This must be right wing media propaganda! I know Fox News must be involved! I just know... what? Associated Press...? Are you sure, because that... Really? Wow... go figure...


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