Sunday, August 21, 2005

Patriotism Trumps Sedition Every Time

Again... I wish I was there... Dear Lord, how I wish I was there.

[[ Amos Snow III said he has seen few veterans publicly show their support for President Bush and the war effort. So the director of the American Legion Riders, members of American Legion Post 131 who ride motorcycles, decided to do something to change that.

Snow, a Navy veteran, and several other American Legion members organized a ride to the president's ranch in Crawford to show their support for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and draw attention away from the negative coverage of the war.

"(President Bush) is our commander-in-chief, and as vets we support him in his decisions and what (the protesters) are doing down there is not right," Westphalen said. "We're just letting people know that vets stick together and support each other."

Although several of the riders said they sympathized with Sheehan's loss, they said it was still important to back the president.

Many people, including active duty military personnel, came up to the group just to say "Thank you."

"It really surprised us that we had active duty military personnel come by and thank us," Snow said. "There are more supporters than what you would believe by what you see in the media."

Snow said the coverage of the war protest has been one-sided. "About 10 percent are against the war," he said. "The media is not being fair to President Bush."
(Gee, ya think?? - ed) ]] (LINK to story)

Looks like it's going to be raining real Americans in Crawford soon... all of these positive things make me very happy that we have such people.

Here's a round up of recent good news on the Sheehan front - plus one just for perspective (Man, I've posted a lot on this subject, haven't I?):

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The pendulum is swinging...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated and motivated!

22/8/05 07:01  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

"Again... I wish I was there... Dear Lord, how I wish I was there."

Well, if you were in FRESNO (ahem) you would have at least been able to meet and greet the caravan as it passed through this evening.

But since you don't have FIRST RATE BODY ARMOR, I guess you wouldn't have ventured out...

Heheheh. ;)

Pomoze Bog.
Tsar Lazar

22/8/05 19:22  
Blogger kmg said...

Hey- I did over five years in the mean streets of Fres-burg! (I lived mostly in Clovis, though.)

22/8/05 21:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I was there too!

23/8/05 19:01  

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