Saturday, August 20, 2005

NOW Will You Freaks Go Away??

Sadly enough, they will probably not. Still, it is heartening to read a story like this... and I am flat-out SHOCKED that the AP would print it.

[[ Things used to be pretty quiet around here — downright uneventful — until the new folks moved in about five years ago on a ranch just northwest of town off Prairie Chapel Road.

Then came the dozens of protesters who started camping out near President Bush's ranch this month, led by a California mother who lost her son in the war and insists on speaking to the president. Their reception has been anything but warm.
"I'm a Democrat and proud of it," Keith Lynch, 67, said while taking a break from trimming the brush around the flag pole in front of his 600-acre ranch near the Bush spread. "But you've got to respect your country, you've got to respect your flag, and you've got to respect your president."

Lynch and others around the town of 745 people believe that respect hasn't been given amid the protests in Crawford, about 95 miles south of Dallas.

"Like the circus, it needs to pack up and go," said Kim Williams, a 41-year-old mother of two
. ]] (LINK to heartening story)

I like the Democrat who reminds us that we need to RESPECT our President. That is as rare as hen's teeth in the DFL these days.



Blogger Barbara said...

Some people have forgotten what the word respect means! As the pastor said this morning, 'it's all about self' to most people, and he is right! I've seen so much 'self' in those demonstrations in Crawford, TX. I think I'd have to take a vacation to get away from it all, if I lived there.

21/8/05 10:54  
Blogger kmg said...

VERY true, Barbara... they are the epitome of selfishness

21/8/05 11:07  

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