Sunday, August 21, 2005

I REALLY Wish I Could Go!

Your reward for tolerating the previous, very long-winded post is this piece of good news. (Hat tip to Charles Johnson)

[[ The national organization that supports our troops and the war against terrorism, Move America Forward (website:, is announcing today the formation of the “You Don’t Speak for Me, Cindy” tour.

Move America Forward will lead a caravan of military family members opposed to the anti-military antics of Cindy Sheehan (the anti-war activist) to Crawford, Texas. The caravan will depart for Crawford early next week from different locations around the country. Move America Forward is working with a number of organizations around the nation to arrange for these multiple caravans.
]] (LINK to story)

I really, really, really, really hope that lots of people join this noble crusade. I am in a crucial period at work, or I would most definitely be on board.

Funny how Conservatives can't just drop everything and go protesting and marching... if we did, the country would stop functioning, as shown here. (LINK)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the way to battle the insanity! Go Melanie!

21/8/05 13:29  

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