Monday, August 22, 2005

Stealth Fighter: Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Liberal

Here's a new feature. A fellow Marine and longtime friend of mine- who shall remain nameless- will be throwing in his two cents on occasion. As an aid to his anonymity (and not just because it sounds so damn cool), he shall henceforth be known as "Stealth Fighter".

The first entry is short, but biting- and brings us a closer view of the stinking hypocrites in the DFL.

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Don't you just love it when they lead by example? Every time I read something like this I think, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be a liberal. I could disrespect the Office of the President, hold a candle-light vigil for the butterfly stuck in the grill of my hybrid car, and tell everyone else that they need to break from their dependency on fossil fuels for energy, all the while refusing to to do the same for myself.

LINK to utter and complete hypocrisy of the DFL



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The contempt I feel for these liberal idiots is off the scale. and then to have their hypocrisy ignored by the media is further irritating.

Thanks, Stealth Fighter. Good work in bringing us truths like this.

23/8/05 07:38  
Anonymous Sonya said...

Honestly if more Americans knew the truth about these people it would get even worse for them in elecitons.

23/8/05 08:19  
Anonymous Stealth Fighter said...

I kind of doubted spontaneous combustion, but...after reading that article, I now know it is a real phenomenon. You've got to love hypocrisy.

23/8/05 09:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is seriously infuriating to see them get away with this kind of two face stuff time and time and time again. We need to stay on top of it and keep it out in the open as much as possible.

23/8/05 10:31  
Anonymous Angie said...

I agree with keeping this in the spotlight. We all need to keep an eye on them like kmg and Stealthfighter. Over time people will see.

23/8/05 11:01  
Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

If we do anything offshore, it should be drilling platforms off Santa Barbara (huge undersea oil deposits there) and in the Gulf of Mexico.

The laughable thing about the windfarm off Cape Cod is that some of the worst storms in the Atlantic occur out there. They had to rebuild several lighthouses three or four times because storms kept wrecking them...and those were made of STONE.

Only an alcoholic dinosaur like Teddy could support this one...

24/8/05 07:39  

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