Monday, September 26, 2005

Follow The Money

This column by Tony Snow is a good look at why the polarization of the political scene has increased exponentially lately. If you look at it from an "objective" viewpoint, the rhetoric has become almost ludicrously harsh in recent years.

Harry Reid's Transformation

Although his main focus is on reid, the point is that things are super-extra nasty nowadays. There are, no doubt, several reasons for this- and Tony Snow elaborates on one of the biggies:

[[ Here is the two-word answer: McCain-Feingold. The McCain-Feingold campaign-finance reform bill, designed grandly to "take money out of politics," predictably produced the opposite effect. It sucked in a flood of cash, gutted the major political parties and made poseurs more unaccountable than ever before.

The old villain, "soft money," merely changed names under McCain-Feingold. Lawyers now call it "527 money." Wealthy activists can spend like crazy through 527s, but with one significant difference from the old days: Before "reform," political parties could marginalize lunatics. Now, plutocrats rule without restraint from political pros.

 Democrats find themselves beholden to a batch of petulant billionaires, led by George Soros, Peter Lewis and Steven Bing. That trio alone contributed nearly $65 million to Democratic candidates and causes during the 2004 election cycle.

There is no question that this is true. The fringe elements are now running the controls of the democrat party... and as long as soros and michael moore keep being successful financially, then the liberals will remain beholden to them.

The 2000 election is the main source of acrimony that powers these lunatics. It is their holy cause to avenge the Bush monster who brought an end to their eight year debaucherous party. It is their sacred duty to oppose and destroy anything and everything that Bush- and anyone stupid enough to ally with him- believes in... no matter the national consequences.

Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) is the motive power, and McCain-Feingold is the catalyst that the fringe monsters needed to come out into the light... and there is little doubt that they will continue to grow, so long as people keep feeding them.



Blogger saj said...

"Moonbat Grotto" - I liked that. michael moore is making a "crockumentary" about Hurricane Katrina. God help us all.

Anyway, it's obvious that McCain and Feingold did the Republicans a favor in a backhanded sort of way.

26/9/05 17:03  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

Yeah, like we needed ANOTHER reason not to vote for McPain.

Tsar Lazar

26/9/05 17:33  

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