Sunday, September 25, 2005

"Come With Me, Laddy..."

"'re goin' ta the doctor!"

Scotland To Create Squads Of "Health Inspectors"

You have to say one thing for socialists: they do like to get involved. That is, they like to get involved in every single aspect of your life. This is an idea that would make hillary proud.

[[ FIRST there were the healthy eating campaigns. Then, there was the plan to ban public smoking. Now ministers are stepping up their assault on flabby and nicotine-addicted Scotland by establishing the health equivalent of a press gang.

Ministers intend to create squads of "health enforcers" who will seek out those citizens in greatest danger of an early exit and badger them into visiting a GP for a check-up. ]]

Of course, not everyone in Scotland is drinking the socialist kool-aid with quite so much gusto:

[[ But the plan is already facing strong criticism as yet another encroachment by the nanny state. Doctors warned that the last thing the already over-stretched NHS needed was a plan to recruit patients, rather than simply treat them. ]]

Did you hear that, government...? The DOCTORS are warning against this "plan". Is it possible you should listen to them?

Anyway, the funniest part of this is at the end of the article when they attack the U.S. and our health care system.

[[ Those who can afford medical insurance generally receive high standards of care, but those who cannot are forced to attend poorly resourced state hospitals. Despite high levels of obesity, life expectancy has improved with schemes to help the deprived get insurance. ]]

Keep dreaming, Angus... you only wish your socialized medicine was one tenth as effective as our system- which, though far from perfect, is still the best thing around.


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