Sunday, September 18, 2005

Freedom Rings, Old Media Yawns

How's this for history being made?

Afghan Polls Close Without Much Violence

[[ "Today is a magnificent day for Afghanistan," said Ali Safar, 62, standing in line to vote in Kabul. "We want dignity, we want stability and peace." ]]

In a better world, the media would be all over this story like rabid dogs. Think of the human stories they could pursue: the stories of brave people, brave women going to the polls to express their inalienable rights! Hell, yeah!!

Sadly, they are far too busy with other things. In fact, I could find absolutely no reference to the elections in Afghanistan anywhere on CNN's main web page. Their lead story is, of course, more bashing of Bush and FEMA. They also have room for discussion of the Emmy's.

I know that other old media outlets (like the one posted here) are reporting the elections, but only a little bit and only because they have to. These elections are so incredibly important to our immediate and future security and stability that they cannot be overstated... and it is nothing short of pathetic that they won't emphasize historic human events such as this- because it just might look a little bit good for President Bush. I am beyond disgusted with these idiots.

Dinosaurs on their way to the tar pits...



CNN did report on it (LINK). All the more reason to ask why it's absent from the main stuff... and why they can't get in there and dig out the good stories that we all know are surrounding these elections!



Anonymous Mike said...

They'll report these things if they know they have to. Money is still a consideration for them but if they can get away with avoiding it and still make money then they will. Remember, they hate Bush but they love the evil dollar!

18/9/05 21:14  

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