Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Democrats can't be funny!

I wrote the following letter to regarding their horribly un-funny politcal humor writer. If you get bored, do the same! Someone needs to tell these editors that bashing the President and mis-quoting republicans isn't necessarily funny (I mean, it can be but they suck at telling jokes.)

To Whom it May Concern,

Please take into consideration firing Mr. Kurtzman and replacing him with someone who is actually funny. Listing a bunch of offensive qualities that mean "you might be a republican..." is so out-of-date (Jeff Foxworthy peaked in the early nineties) and dumb that it's almost laughable (but like I said, I never laughed cause it wasn't funny at all.) How about "you might be a liberal weenie if the only jokes you can come up with are based on mis-quoting republicans who spend their time doing real work."

Sincerely, Jessica Lynette Grinstead

PS, to Mr. Kurtzman:

I'm pro-life and pro death penalty because the baby didn't do anything wrong.In fact, the poor baby hasn't even been born yet! Isn't that hilarious??? You phony, no good, inmate-loving, pansy boy.

Link to the political "humor" section


Blogger saj said...

Holy cow, you are a pistol!! I love your wit!

26/10/06 06:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Second that.

27/10/06 22:40  

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