Sunday, October 22, 2006

A-HOY HOY, Liberal Pounder here!

Hi there! I'm Jessika, AKA Liberal Pounder.

Now, I don't know how much lib butt-whooping I actually get done, but I do try to bring a little reality into my bleeding heart liberal peers' lives. See, my situation (being a conservative minded college student) places me on the front line of constant battle-mode. Even my friends call me a "war-monger" (or worse.) It's weird, I really believe I am a genuinely great advocate for peace...I just also happen to acknowledge and accept the unfortunate realities of life. Like paying taxes or having to get a checkup at the dentist, freedom costs something. It's not enough to throw a peace sign up and smoke a joint. I know that. But, my "liberal pounding" comes to a head when I try to remind my fellows of these simple truths.
So, with eloquence and wisdom far beneath KMG's expectations and in between homework and regular work, I'm going to post a few mildly informative and entertaining pieces in KMG's stead. Peace out!


Blogger saj said...

Jessika, You sound like someone I would like to meet one day! I have a son who is a freshman in college. Luckily, his college is pretty evenly divided between conservative and liberal professors. Now that's unusual! Anyway his favorite professor teaches Western Civ and comes from the Army War College in PA. He's a conservative. His English professor is a 60's hippy liberal, but he says she doesn't force her liberal views on the class. My son is majoring in history and wants to get his teaching certificate. How about you?

23/10/06 17:27  

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