Friday, November 10, 2006

Back In Seventeen-Seventy-Five... Marine Corps came alive.

First there came the color red...

...showed the world the blood we shed.

Next there came the color gold...

...showed the world that we are bold.

Then there came the color blue...

...showed the world that we are true!!

Happy birthday to all my brother and sister Marines. I remain deeply honored to be in this proud and elite family. May the next 231 years be as storied as the first.

Semper Fidelis!!



Blogger tree hugging sister said...

OO-RAH, Brother! Happy Birthday and Semper Fi.

10/11/06 08:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Eagle,Globe and Anchor.

I won't run that little ditty by you about how we came to get them.
Happy Birthday Marines.

10/11/06 09:37  
Anonymous t1g said...

Happy Birthday, Marine!


10/11/06 14:05  

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