Monday, November 27, 2006

Reality Is Scary

Want to rationally discuss islam and the whole "religion of peace" concept? How on Earth can we possibly do that when political correctness is rampant? Even the Glenn Beck special we all watched recently had to end with the cliched "but we all know it is just a tiny minority of extremists" mantra.

Here is Amil Imani with a hard look at the reality of islam. He discussed the situation in Iraq, as well as many other islamic "hot spots." It is definitely not suffering from political correctness. It is simply correct. To wit:

[[ These are the conditions on the ground wherever Islam rules. Violence of all forms is endemic to Islam and is not confined to any fringes. Islam itself is the fringe. A fringe that is oppressive, hateful of others and violent to the core.

The world must confront Islam and demand that it mends its ways in conformity with the Bill of Rights, where every man, woman, and child is fully entitled to equal treatment under the law, irrespective of any and all considerations.

Please read it all and share it. I believe we are getting somewhere with making people aware of this issue... and we musn't rest or stop discussing it until the West wakes the hell up.

Holding islam To Account



Blogger saj said...

I hope Mr. Amani holds onto his head.

27/11/06 11:25  

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