Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Tonight on CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck will present a show called "The Extremist Agenda." It is, apparently, a real eye-opener and a must-see for all Americans.

Here is the web page, complete with a short video telling you why you should watch it.

The Extremist Agenda

I can tell you that Glenn Beck is a smart guy and a straight-shooter- take that for what it's worth.

It's on at 1600, then repeated at 1800 and 2100 Pacific time tonight. Be there or be... ummm... somewhere else.



Blogger saj said...

I sent an email around about this yesterday. I'll be watching.

15/11/06 15:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Glenn Beck tonight, I know I should have watched a hockey game instead...

The program was full of conservative propaganda. But I do respect Beck for bringing on the good Muslim Doctor from Nevada who denounced terrorism by extremists. I'm with Beck and the good doctor on this one and agree in general, Islamic people are peaceful, loving, caring and respectful of life as is most Americans, Jews and other people's on the planet.

The danger with Becks program is it groups up all Islamic people as suspect to commit terrorism and I know from history this is dangerous. I've lost count as to how many times our own Canadian goverment has apologized and paid out sums of tax payer's compensation to identified groups that were wronged by racial profiling during wars. This has caused nothing but grief and shame in our history and yet media such as CNN and FOX continue to abuse thier ability of propagating the war.

Its preparing Americans that Iran is next to be attacked.

I'm Irish by the way, I abhor hate promoting as I witnessed on the first half of Beck ( Neo Consevatism and radical Muslims nut jobs alike) They both promoted hate and the media have done its job at exposing America to the new enemy of freedom. Russians, Japanese, Iraqi's, German's have all been victimized by this racial profiling before the battles.

I noticed 30 minutes of Glenn Beck and 30 minutes of commercials paying big bucks into the bank vaults of CNN, thats a religion on its own called capitalism and they too have agenda.

One strange thing last night was I also noticed that a 10 second portion of Becks show was sensored and blacked out with a sign of numbers and letters saying "Blocked" on my TV screen. This may have been by our local cable company or perhaps our CRTC here in Canada. Wow that sucks.

Wish they block out South Park.

15/11/06 22:49  
Blogger kmg said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comments, scrubs & shines.

I respectfully disagree that the program was full of "conservative propaganda." It was, in fact, one of the very rare moments of truth and clarity that the media has presented on this subject.

The hate and propaganda that you speak of is actually coming strongly from islam. Your attestation otherwise is ironic, as that was the point and theme of the program.

How could you have watched the parts about the indoctrination of the children and still think there is no problem? Want a reminder? How about the three year old girl saying that Jews are "apes and pigs."

Anyone living in Britain can attest to the problem- first hand. It is coming and it is coming fast.

Saying this does not constitute "hate." It merely means we are paying attention.

16/11/06 11:21  
Blogger kmg said...

Oh, Lord, I just looked at your web site...

You're a "truther"???

They don't let you around sharp things, do they?

16/11/06 11:22  

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