Thursday, December 07, 2006

Loyalty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Let's play a game. I'll write a sentence that is absolutely true... and you try to not choke when you read it.


[[ Members of Congress are not required to undergo FBI background checks before gaining access to classified information. ]]

Yep. True, true, true. Now, if you are like me and carry a security clearance and work around classified matter every day, then you would be quite alarmed and extremely surprised to hear that news. If you are not, then allow me to educate you... they dig into EVERYTHING for your clearance... and then they do it again every year to make sure you are still okay.

Anyway, here is a great (and scary) article (sent to me by the ever intrepid Coyote) on one of our newest congressmen.


Doubts Grow Over muslim Lawmaker's Loyalty

Sleep tight, everyone!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7/12/06 06:31  
Anonymous cheevie said...

Holy mother of Moses!!!!!! Thta si unbelieieiveable. I cant even spell any more! Ugh..... I'm going to be sick.
Ok. Now I'm going to go read the article.

7/12/06 13:43  

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