Monday, December 04, 2006

Spread This Word

If you haven't yet seen it... here is a complete report on the "flying imams" thing. These guys were, without question and without doubt, trying to get kicked off the plane. It is indisputable when you actually read all the evidence.

The Faking imams



Blogger saj said...

This whole thing really ticks me off. They're worried about discrimination? This stunt has backfired. If anything, it just makes people feel even more suspicious of muslims. This has hurt muslims more than help them.

4/12/06 08:31  
Blogger HECIII said...

i don't care how much it hurt or helped the muslim causes,
i am grateful that they are so damn stupid that they allow themselves to be publicly scrutinized and investigated for this kind of behavior.

and i don't think that it was a STUNT,
i think that they were about to commit MURDER.

and they got stopped.

4/12/06 12:41  

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